A Bavarian security boutique for international customers

Small team - top level.

HvS-Consulting to the point

Kompetent Sympathisch
Competent and likeable
Competent - Efficient - Pragmatic - Likeable: these are the attributes our customers mention when being asked why they have chosen HvS. And we can identify with this 100%. Thinking strategically and acting pragmatically is our success formula.
Hilfe Zur Selbsthilfe
Help for self-help
Our philosophy: we not only consult, we coach. We act as sparring partners and experts, but we want to share our know-how. With 40 people, we are far too small to spend hundreds of man-days on a project; we have no interest in doing so.
Playing in Champions League
What we do, we do right! We are among the best incident responders in Germany, our security awareness campaigns won awards, our social engineering sometimes scares us ourselves. We are never the cheapest, but always worth the price.

The H and the vS

Michael Hochenrieder is the strategic thinking computer scientist, the ISO-27000 lead auditor, incident response coordinator, PowerPoint forensic expert. And a dreaded social engineer. He is responsible for all technical topics and the ISMS area.

Frank v. Stetten is the very IT-savvy business economist, the marketing enthusiast, awareness Jedi and product manager. He is the intellectual father of IS-FOX e-learning and videos and is responsible for security awareness, our IS-FOX product brand and our internal commercial issues.

But we become HvS only through our excellent teams, with such diverse skills like hacking, multimedia design, software development, digital forensics, video production, communication, auditing. They are the ones who make HvS possible.

Frank Und Michi