Security Awareness Campaigns

Comprehensive awareness-raising of employees, managers and IT staff on the subject of cyber security.

Examples of our award-winning campaigns

Security Awareness Campaigns

Technical and organizational security is improving year by year, but one vulnerability remains: people. Industrial espionage often starts with social engineering attacks, ransomware attacks with infected spear phishing emails to selected individuals.

That's why we have been sensitizing users and executives to the topic of cyber security for over 15 years, sometimes in individual measures, but mostly - because they are better and more effective - with coordinated measures in a long-term security awareness campaign.

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We have bundled our range of security awareness measures under our IS-FOX product brand at https://www.is-fox.com.

IS-FOX Building Blocks for a Security Awareness Campaign

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Security Intranet Portal
The basis for all measures. Here, your employees will find everything they need to know about cyber security. Without technical terms, but with security videos, guidelines, policies and contact persons.
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Live hacking and webinars
There' s nothing that raises awareness better than live hacking, classroom training and online seminars. And we can tell you which of these work really well.
Go to Live-Hacking at IS-FOX
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E-Learning Courses
We offer over 20 chapters on cyber security, as individual learning nuggets or as a customized course module that is tailored to you. From the cloud or for your LMS.
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Phishing Tests
Nowadays, regular phishing tests are almost "good manners". But the purchase of phishing simulation software is not enough, it takes a bit more to do it right.
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Awareness Videos
Our awareness videos simply fit everywhere, whether in events, e-learning courses, newsletters, security apps or the intranet portal. Buy once, use everywhere.
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The various toppings for "seasoning" and "sprinkling over". We think that's good, we can do everything, but we only do it in combination with a campaign.

Are you planning an awareness campaign?

We will show you in a web session how we successfully run awareness at other customers and how we won the "Digital Leader Award" in Cyber Security with Lanxess.
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Don't forget: Security awareness for IT staff

It is by no means always just users who click on a phishing email. IT professionals also tear holes in cyber security because they do not secure their systems adequately due to ignorance or a certain "laxity".

  • Administrators do not harden and patch their systems properly, use the same accounts for different tasks and systems, and often even with the same passwords.
  • Developers do not properly validate user input, implement poor session management, or don't have their code analyzed for security vulnerabilities before releasing it to production.

Our incident response missions prove month after month that the damage resulting from unaware IT professionals is significantly higher than from an unaware user. Despite this, many companies do not focus on this important target group.

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